• The contest will take place on Monday, January 17, 2022
  • The contest is open to all European hotelschools
  • Each school can register 2 senior year students (technical and vocational education).
  • The participating student(s) have to be accompanied by a teacher of his/her/their school..
  • You can register until January 03, 2022
The competition consist of 4 events:
a. ​Carving a "Saddle of lamb" 
The cutting of the saddle of lamb will be judged on the classic cut
 b. Filleting 2 small Dover soles

c. Carving of Gandaham on a stand

(1 plate with 4 thin & complete slices) additionally 1 apero plate for 2 persons with garnishes of your choice. These must be brought with you on the day of the contest


For this aperitif test, the carving technique is free, the quality of the tasting of this plate will be judged by the various juries

d. Two plates with saisonal fruit

!!! Notes regarding the production of the fruit plates

  • The purpose of this test is to make two identical fruit plates, including 4 different fruits, chosen from the buffet only

  • For this test the candidate cannot come with any own material or ingredients


List of fruits on the buffet :

Baby pineapple, pears, mountain oranges, blood oranges, Golden apples, Granny Smith apples, red  and white grapes, kiwis, pomegranate, grapefruit, tangerines,

persimmon, lemon, limes

May we asked you to send us your fruit choices and the exact number you will need during the "FRUIT" workshop. This before december 20,2020 for the attention of


Also on the buffet are:

Icing sugar, sugar S2, kirsch, marasquin, liquid cream, semi- whipped cream, whipped cream, finger bowls, hot water kettle, fresh cold water, clean napkins, bowls, ice cubes, plates in different sizes and shapes

Fruit cutting remains free depending on the recipe, without forgetting that it will take place in front of the client ( jury ) !

The cutting technique is free , the end result will be assessed
Planned timing for each test
Ganda ham, 8 minutes
Saddle of lamb: 8 minutes
Small Dover soles: 5 minutes
Fruit plates: 10 minutes
During the test, , the members of the jury will inform each candidate of the remaining time
If the allowed time is exceeded, the candidate will be eliminated for this test
In addition to the technical skills, each candidate will also be evaluated on his/her work elegance, his/her tidiness at work, his/her stance at the service table as well as his/her speed. Each student will be questioned during the tests on his/her knowledge of the used ingredients
The jury is hosted professionals and members of the specialized press chaired by
 Mister Esteban Valle, director of the service in "Domaine de Chateauvieux" **by Satigny near  by Geneva
Decisions made by the jury are final
In the event of a tie for the 2022 European Junior Slicer Prize, the candidate who has scored the best result for the saddle of lamb test will be declared the winner. In the event of a new tie, the time needed to carve the saddle of lamb will be decisive.
The saddle of lamb will be exclusively carved using only 1 knife
Every competing student will wear the service dresscode, WITHOUT a reference to or label from his/her school
All carvings during the competition will be done with own personal knife/knives or the loaned knives from the company “Zwilling-Demeyere”
Demeyere 2.png