• The competition takes place on Monday, January 18, 2021 
  • This competition is open to all European hotelschools
  • Every participating school can enroll 2 students of the last year (technical and vocational students).
  • A supervising teacher of every school must also be present on the day of the competition.
  • Registrations must be done before January 10. 2020
The competition consist of 4 events:
  • ​Carving a "Ganda" ham on a stand (2x2 slices) 
  • A flambed dessert based on a cheese (Brie de Meaux) and a fruit.(Pear)
  • Carving a trout meunière
  • Carving a Muscovy  duck. The duck breast must be carved in "aiguillette" thin slices
Extra information concerning the creation of the flambed dessert:
The organization will only provide cheese (Brie de Meaux) and fruit. (Pear - Doyenné du comice)
Each school will come with all the other products needed to make the dessert
All the necessary equipment will be provided by the organization (gas stove, stove, cutlery, plates ...)
Candidates from one school have to work toghether for this dessert. In case a school enrolls only 1 candidate, the school has to bring a "commis" for this part
The technique used for carving is free, the points will be given on the end result.
Time limit for each test:
  • Ganda ham, 10 minutes
  • Duckling: 10 minutes
  • Trout: 5 minutes
  • Dessert: 10 minutes for the preparation of material and ingredients and 20 minutes for the realization of the recipe
During each event, the student will be informed about the remaining time; if time limit is exceeded, the student will be disqualified for that event
Apart from the technique used, the student will also be graded on the elegance of the carving, tidiness of the service table, attitude at the service table, pace of work.
During the carving, the student will be questioned about his/her knowledge of the ingredients used
The jury is composed of professionals and specialized members of the press
Chairman is Mr Esteban Valle, director of the restaurant "Domaine de Chateauvieux" **in Satigny near Geneva
Decisions made by the jury are final
In case of a joint first place, the awart of the "European Championship Junior trancheur" will be given to the student who gained most points during the muscovy duck event. If theses results are also the same, the time that was needed to carve the muscovy duck is taken into account
During the carving of the guinea folw, the use of only one knife is allowed
Every competing student will wear the service dresscode, WITHOUT a reference to or label from his/her school
All carvings during the competition will be done with own personnal knife/knives.  If candidates wish, knives from the firm "Zwilling Demeyere" will be available during the competition.

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